Tuesday, January 10, 2006

feeling better

am feeling much better now. i've accepted it more. once in a while, when we chant prayers i still start to sob. i just can't believe she's gone. my aunt is in a worse shape. she's feeling bitter and sore over the fact that she couldn't be here when my grandma was admitted into ICU. my cousins from singapore came today. they all said it was pretty sudden. but it really wasn't sudden at all, if you asked me. Jude's grandma came by too.

currently just feel all tired and cried out. i'm emotionally very worn out now. and physically too.

thanks for all your messages sending heartfelt concolences. sorry i didn't really have the time to reply you guys.

thanks Lyn for coming. Made a lot of difference. Thanks Mel, Poh Leng and Pauline who wanted to come. It's alright. It was the thought that truly counts.

thanks YC and Yvonne for your spirit. YC, it's good that you realise it sooner rather than later.

tomorrow's the funeral at Nilai Memorial Park at 2 pm. everyone will be leaving with heavy hearts tomorrow, as we see the last of porpor.

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