Saturday, January 14, 2006


i have not been rhyming for a while
it's seems to me poetry's no longer my style
finding words that sound the same
no longer is my middle name

it's been sometime since i cracked my head
thinking of words that rhymed instead
i've been more absorbed into writing my thoughts
in lengthy paragraphs and what-nots

i guess it's coz...
it's been sometime since you crossed my mind
coz i try to leave as much as i can behind
i finally see how it would never be
how very different you are from me

it's been sometime since i thought about love
and all the things a girl deserves
it's been sometime since i indulged in self pity
and in things i thought would make me happy

i am but a teenage girl
whose teenage life was but a swirl
who knows that she cannot pretend
that her teenage life is coming to an end

i will fall in love again eventually
and one day my life will unfold before me
and maybe then i will rhyme some more
and publish for all eyes, my poems galore...:)

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