Sunday, January 01, 2006

crossing over to two-ou-ou-six

Sarn Jie gave me 4 tickets to Sunway Lagoon. It was inclusive of dinner. Seemed rather cool since i've never actually been to any of those large scale new year's eve bash before. I'm not a crowded-area-person. Never had been. But i thought i'd have my last new year as a teen to be one of those crash-boom-bang moments.

turned friends weren't in the mood for it. so we came up with a super budget low key new year's eve party.

venue: my place
time: 9-ish 10 pm
activity: watch DVD watched 13 going 30 on Astro, then played PS2 all the way.
party participants: weng lum, daniel, han yang, sing foong, moi.
food: fries and orange juice, compliments of Siah residence.

the guys were so hooked onto Virtual Cop till we forgot about the countdown. Apparently they won, so, yay them! :) Senseless ramblings were carried out in my room till about 1.30 am. we were hungry so out we went!

first place was A&W SS13. The waffles seemed tantalizing. BUT, the place was packed like a public Metrobus on peak hours. Supper was adjourned to McDs Drive Thru. One thing cool about hanging out with a bunch of guys, i don't feel the need to dress up. I was in my big tee, shorts and wearing glasses. I had fries and a Choc Sundae. While the guys probably made an order that would go down in history for McDs. At 1.45 am, new year's day 2006, the guys ordered the 20 piece nugget box. Not just one box, but 3 boxes! 60 pieces of chicken nuggets!

Han Yang downed his within 15 minutes. Daniel managed to finish (with weng lum's and my help) shortly after. Sing Foong forced a few down my throat and made Han Yang and Weng Lum eat up the rest. I think Han Yang ate close to 30 pieces. I ate about 7. 3 words. Oh my God!

so i ushered in the New Year with 4 guys, several hours of PS2, and 60 chicken nuggets. And I really enjoyed myself. Who needs a boyfriend when i can chill with 4 and have the time of my life?:)

p.s: i found my little blue mirror. *wink*

Happy New Year!!

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