Sunday, October 23, 2005

treasure hunting...

i never knew how straight my thinking was till i did this here's my SEFA-Munchy's Intervarsity Treasure Hunt story...enjoy...=)

the thing kicked off at roughly 8 am from Giant Shah Alam. but we were told to gather there at 6.30am. Thus, we left sj at 6 am. I woke up at 5.15am. i slept at 2.45am the night before...*yawns*

2 guys, 2 girls and a Kelisa. that was originally my idea for our team name. the team consists of myself, Shakti, Ronald the driver and Kailash the navigator. Team Metropolitan! =) though we weren't the only metro-ians there.

i think the person who came up with the questions was either super creative, or he had too much time on his hands. and i was told that this hunt's difficulty level is no where near a real hunt. i don't think i'd take part in a real hunt anytime soon.

after hours of gruelling mind boggling questions, we finally arrived at Hotel Seri Malaysia PD at about 1.30 pm. i'd say we fared pretty well, leaving minimal questions unanswered and arriving the 6th. felt pretty good with the team at that point.

had lunch which was included in the fee, then checked in with 2 other girls from PACC, which is an accounting institution (i think) in KL. Communication was limited since there is a language difference. But it was alright.

then we had some team building activities. we were all separated into different groups of 10. Ronald and I were coincidentally put into the same team. i've always loved team building activities, so i enjoyed myself. met a lot of people from HELP, Nottingham, Sistematic and so on.

one activity was to create a mechanism/device out of some newspapers, tissue papers, rubber band, rafia and a plastic bag, to prevent an egg from breaking after being thrown down from a certain height. this activity is a pretty common one i think. needless to say, our egg broke. but so did all the other teams' eggs. hehe...

at night after dinner, they went through the questions and answers of the hunt. the urge to bang my head against the table grew stronger and stronger as we discover more and more mistakes from our answers. its amusing really, how differently a question is perceived by different people. we didn't get into the top 5...but all's good. =)

our final activity was a group presentation on community social issues. our group got won! yay! at least something came out of this whole thing! though by then, i was dead tired. i literally struggled to retain consciousness! haha...

after that, being the typical teenager out on a trip with no parents, i refused to sleep. i always feel holidays are not meant for sleeping. the 4 of us went by the beach to chill....then as dark clouds hovered over our heads, we adjourned to the hotel. the SEFA officials and BOD were having their fun time after a long long day. some of the participants joined in a truth or dare session with lots of booze. we were spotted, then was all rather...interesting...i guess...=)

the next day, Shakti and i woke up at about 9 am. breakfast was the final meal included in the whole package. then,we went to walk the beach. nicee....=)

at about 10.30 am, we checked out of the hotel. satisfied, tired, drained of energy, we retreated from PD.

still undone - Marketing case study & Management poster presentation...

reality bites...

.:more pics:.

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