Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the sweet smell of completion

can u smell it? i'm through with projects and assignments! no more for the year 2005!

i'll be presenting one last thing tomorrow morning for Management and that's it! no more researching, and group discussions, and Harvard referencing...

ah! the sweet sweet smell of the year end! soon i'll be done with finals! Done with Semester 2! Done with Year 1!

Things i intend to do during my summer break:
1. Get a job. Preferably one in the fitness industry, that pays well and i don't dread going to.
2. Plan outing with RSGs. This is like a MUST.
3. Plan outing with SJian gang. What is it i heard? Langkawi? Bring it on!
4. Plan outing with G5-ers. Faster come home people!!
5. Challenge my Kor to a 5 km run.
6. Find a partner for Trail Blazer. Wild category this time?
7. Enjoy myself in OBS.
8. Rearrange my room.

Things i intend to buy during my summer break:
1. Roman sandals for OB
2. Hammock for OB
3. Nike dri-fit tights
4. Mountain bike
5. Dress for Teng Jie's wedding

How can I possibly wait?

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