Thursday, October 06, 2005

*making a change*

to blog or to do BST? to blog or to do BST? blog? BST?....


hehe...i'll work on BST later...there's just too much to blog about...

Violets got second place!!! it was a pity i couldn't stay to watch the prize giving...had to rush home to complete BCM...but yeaa...she won 2nd place! yay! i miss her la...that day didn't get to talk to her much since she was busy cheering and snapping pics and cuddling with her boyfriend...hahah....but yea...i haven't been seeing her and her absence is very much felt....right now i miss her and i wish i had more time to talk to her....

and yesterday...juwita suwito came to metropolitan! she came! she sang! she autographed my CD!! and i thought "darn if only i had my camera!!!" haha...i love her...unlike most local artistes...she can really really sing! and her songs are beautiful! she has a very lisa loeb cum alicia keys touch, i find. ah! love her!!

she came together with some online magazine called Think. and the emcee that day was andy of altered frequency! he, unfortunately did not sing, has a beautiful voice too. i spoke to him. he told me to go watch his band perform in HELP on the 15th night! ah...Andy invited me to watch altered frequency! forgive me, i don't meet cool people who are lead singers in cool bands on a daily basis. unfortunately, 15th night i'd be performing for Metro in some stadium for some basketball tourney intermission. darn you metro!

but like i always say, Godzilla could land in the concourse of Metro and the students won't move a muscle. yup, that's Metro student for u. dead boring people whom Juwita Suwito's performance is wasted on. *sigh* that was my 45 minutes of bliss in metro. somebody wake me up when 2007 ends....

it's mrs khaw's birthday today!!'s wishing her happy birthday coach!!

Mrs Khaw!!!

and right the stroke of my dear brother's 22nd birthday! happy double 2 kor!!!

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