Wednesday, October 19, 2005

much love...

my thoughts are heavy,
though empty inside,
as i searched thoroughly,
for words to write.

the simple words do no justice
to the person that you are
and the big ones causes a crease
to the picture from afar

i have so much to say
though i can't put my finger on it
there is no significant way
to explain it bit by bit

to be able to express my thoughts
through this, is what i wish
among the ways that i sought
rhyming is still my fetish

anyhow, anywho, i truly hope
u know just how much you mean to me
and i pray that u'd be able to cope
with all the love i give generously!

hehe...lo and behold my lame attempt at being mischevious...what the heck...

happy 20th birthday, Fang!

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