Wednesday, October 05, 2005

the digital divide

BCM down!

funny how when you're doing an assignment your mood changes according to the different phases of it. take this assignment for example.

phase 1: when we first got it. deciding on a topic was actually fun. when The Digital Divide has been chosen, i actually sit back and await the time i start doing it, since it seems so long away, yet when it's fresh, loads of stuff come into mind.

phase 2: when due date is around the corner. i realised i have not started a thing. worry sets in as friend by friend approach me with questions like "how to do referencing?" and "how many words?". yea i somehow strike them as Ms Know-it-all just coz i speak "fantastic english". but unfortunately, Ms Know-it-all isn't exactly Ms Efficient. Still put it off as the shorter term commitments are deemed more important at this point. by shorter term i mean things-to-hand-in-tomorrow.

phase 3: the last 2-3 days before the due date. just beginning to re-read the question. stress builds up. now reconsidering the alternative questions. all seem to be so hard. try googling. find lots of information on first decision. settle for that topic. start compiling. start typing. start clicking Word Count every now and then just to see how far off i am. getting sleepier by the minute.

phase 4: assignment done. click print. compile. smile. starts messaging people on msn eventhough it's waaay past late. feel half as sleepy as i was in phase 3. start blogging happily about the completion.

and yes the gap caused by the digital divide should be bridged in order to maintain world peace! =)

anyway, was at IMU just now to catch my dear Lyn in action! Woohoo~!! Go Violets! they were awesome! they were soooo coool!
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and Jin Aun who was there going against the Violets. haha Medical faculty vs Pharmacy Faculty.
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Puvesh was also cheerleading! and in my humble opinion, he was pretty darn good as well! it's so nice when there are guys to throw you up and down and u land just nicely in their strong manly arms. hahaha.....
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the whole Cheer Competition was so darn amazing! seriously, they rocked that tiny building to the core. i'm so jealous. i bet i heard more noise in that 2 hours than all of the voices in Metro combined. The spirit of sportsmanship! i miss sports! i miss the cheers, the team spirits, the energy! everything you get out of Sports Day!

i took many video clips of their performances. if you'd like to have a peek, let me know k?

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