Saturday, October 29, 2005

random absurdity

1. lyn, rosie and I are gonna perform for the holidy villa gimrama grading! woohoo! its been so long since we performed together. ah miss miss MISS those timess...the group routine...the centralised training...the MSSM...the laughing together...the crying together...whoa...precious moments man...

2. i just went to holiday villa to pay mrs khaw a visit and i came home with this:

my pay for just 2 days of substituting her. Darn i should be a coach!

3. i have been asked by Cik Hooi and Pn Wan to do a performance for some makan malam that SMKSJ is organizing. and while chatting with some friends just now i came up with the utterly bizarre idea of doing a performance by an all-teachers'-children cast! i spoke to zhun neay and he thinks its a great idea. now my only worry is getting these people. so..
attention all proud children of SMKSJ teachers. if you will be around on Feb 25th 2006 please try to take part in this. let me know! you got my number!

4. i went to develop the film of the disposable camera that we were given during the hunt. it's been ages since i went to develop photos. hehe feels kinda weird doing so...i don't know why...

5. a new shop just opened in Subang Parade and their beautiful 3 for RM10 earrings are almost irresistable!

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