Saturday, October 15, 2005

just like you

i couldn't believe what just happened
i don't think i've ever felt so blessed
i could see it in your very eyes
how things worked out i could never have guessed

i never knew what comfort was
till i felt the warmth of your arms
i never knew how it was to be loved
till i felt the sincerity in your charms

i never knew what bliss was
till i finally realised
that i never knew what love was
till i saw it in your eyes

and then it changed
as if on cue
as if everything that happened
was just too good to be true

i felt the morning light
through the slits of my eyes
and the cold air cond room
slapped me with all the lies

i woke up this morning with regret
for that was the last thing i intended to do
to break away from my peaceful slumber
for last night i dreamt of you

you know how sometimes when you've experienced something so great, you feel as though you'll never be able to settle for anything less anymore?

what i dreamt of last night may be nothing close to reality. heck, it may not even go near to sanity. but what i felt seemed very very real. i didn't want it to happen. it was hard enough trying to get over you without actually being with you before. well, at least not in a real way. now i don't think i'll ever move on. not when i know that no one would size up. i know, no one would ever be able to be just like you.

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