Saturday, October 29, 2005


i somehow discovered that there is a lump in my neck. it actually does not hurt, nor itch, nor bother me in any way. i don't even know how long it has been there. but now that i've felt it, i can't stop touching it. and i can't help knowing it's there. my mum thinks its the cause of my recurring headaches. she wants to bring me to UH to check it out. my dad thinks it's my lymph node. i personally have no clue.

i paid my dad RM218 today. i owed him that much for STOMP coz i used the credit card to get the tickets. so there goes my gymrama coaching pay. money is so hard earned.

feeling a bit guilty for something i did...

i didn't mean to tell a lie
i guess i just didn't feel like going
i didn't mean to fake an excuse i guess
i didn't feel like explaining

i don't think you'll understand
if i told u i've someone else in mind
someone i don't think anyone would size up
at least not for this point in time

i can't seem to put a finger on it
why i don't want any other
i can't seem to come up with reasons
to tell myself i should search further

someone i know for a fact
that isn't for me to call mine
someone i know for a fact
that has left his past behind

i don't think u'll understand
if i told u, that there is none
that will make me feel the way i do
like that special someone

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