Wednesday, October 26, 2005

some things just don't change

i was having a chocolate sundae in McDs today...the one that's around the corner from my college.

Shakti and i were just talking about stuff that we've been meaning to talk about but we kept putting off because we just didn't have the time to. haha...

there was a group of students who were snapping pictures. out of the corner of my eye i saw them, and i said "sure Taylor's students..". hehe...i have this theory whereby i can differentiate a Metro-ian and a Taylor-ian when i see one.

anyway, suddenly i heard an unmistakble voice, and amidst the group of camwhores i spotted Jocelyn Kung. my! Gawd knows when was the last time i saw her! haha...she saw me too, and came over to give me a hug. I wished her Happy Belated Birthday as i know she shares it with Titus. The catching up process went like this:

me: hey! its been so so long since i last saw you!
jo: (as high pitched and shrill as before) yea! omg!
me: how have u been? where u studying now?
jo: there...Taylor's.
me: TBS? or some degree in Taylor's?
jo: nola...SAM
me: eh..why so late? what have u been doing all of last year?
jo: nothing...just hanging around...
me: oh icic...i thought u went NS or something.
jo: (mortified) what?!? no!! do i look darker? do i look like NS material to you?!?!? *gasps and clutches face*
me: haha nola...i just thought maybe u had to go for NS...don't worry...u look fine...why all in black? *gestures to all her friends*
jo:'s a SAM thing...our class just decided to wear black...

hehe....some things just don't change....

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