Thursday, December 01, 2005

talk the Lingo!

when Yvonne told me about John Ling sometime back, i pictured someone very prominent. someone chatty, yet not air-headed. someone who spoke very confidently and very surely. and considering he has been rather successful as a writer, i somehow figured he was closing in on his 30s.

i met John Ling today. we went for a photoshoot for Yvonne's Heart4Hope t-shirts. he wasn't very chatty. he was rather quiet. and he sure as hell did not look 30. haha...Ju and Lyn were giving me the raised eyebrows (yes, those newly shaped eyebrows which the 3 of us paid 10 bucks each for). I told them he was probably about late 20s. how wrong was i!

i found out he was 22. That's my brother's age! and he has 5 books in his name! talk about a writing prodigy! well, i offered to give hima ride to the KTM station. On the way, i asked him about his books and stuff and that was when the chitter-chatter poured out of him. haha...pretty entertaining fella i'd say. boy, does he love his books!

i am yet to read the short stories he just sent me. All of the romantic theme. My fav! =)

well, just thought i'd say it was fun meeting you, John! Should you read this that is. And all the best in your writing career! You're going places alright. =)

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