Monday, December 26, 2005


after checking out melanie's and OJ's post on OB, i'm starting to feel like my post was inferior to theirs. i don't intend to update mine. i have other matters to blog about. but just so my readers get an equal share of details of The Great OB Experience, do check out their blogs. Especially Mel's. haha...

I can, however, provide you with a more visual representation of The Great OB Experience. Check out my photos and OJ's photos.

Now that i've got that off my chest, i can move on to other Christmassy matters.

25th of December 2005 begun at 9.00 am. Unusually early for me. I had breakfast with my extended family, namely uncle n aunty from Brunei, cousins from Singapore, big brother from Perth. Yes! The big korkor's back!! he actually came home the night i returned from OB. And both my brothers and i went shopping in 1U yesterday! We watched The Chronicles of Narnia which was good. it started of draggy (or perhaps i was still a little OB-hung over) but then it just got better n better!

the much awaited Uncle Peter's Christmas Lunch finally came! every year i save my stomach for this auspicious event! The food is fantastic!!! we had turkey, macaroni, lasagne, cakes, pies...*burp*. I had fun talking to all those triathletes and duathletes again! Most of them said i look very different. It's probably the tan. and the hair. =) My brother was like some celeb walking down the red carpet. "Kevin, you're back from Perth!!". i have a famous brother...=)

then i went to see my porpor in SJMC. great news! she'll be discharged tomorrow!

My handphone has been fixed! the handphone which i lost to the freak rain in OB while trekking! The battery was short circuited but the interior of the phone is fine! yay! i got all my contacts and messages back!!! which means i now have more disposable income to spend!

Edwin called me just now and said Chun kit and him were dead bored and were in need of my companionship! ahahha....i met up with them at 10 at Coffee Bean Subang Parade. There, i bumped into Anne, Cheryl and Tasha! haha...i haven't seen Cheryl and Tasha in like donkey years! then a while later a group of guys walked in. They were Faris, Fadhli, Iqram, Nor Azlan and someone whom i can't seem to remember his name. Either that or i never knew it to begin with. =)

I was dead hungry and since expensive cakes won't do the trick, we adjourned to Rafi's SS15. Lo and behold, we met Sing Foong and Daniel! hahaha...Soon Seng then joined us after i called him. So it was a case of 5 guys, a girl and a mamak.

Beautiful times....

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