Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dear Nick and Pods!

i took this picture some time back actually. i don't know why but i find it so fascinating. it was the first time i went to my uncle's hardware shop in Gombak. and the moment i entered the shop i was greeted by rows n rows of pigeon holes like the ones above. pardon my jakunness but i've really never stepped into a spare part/hardware shop quite like that before. i've seen the ones here in Subang but they don't seem quite the same.

anyway, i went out with Nick, Jackie, Wen Ching, O-Wern, Jolvin and Ju. it was fun! really! i was never particularly close to this group of SJians but when you leave school for a while you tend to treat all former schoolmates with the same enthusiasm. haha...and i honestly found it fun! especially when i started to tease a few of them who have found themselves their respective other halves. such is the situation i seem to be facing day in day out. everyone's hooking up. *frowns*

and Nick brought me Pods!! hehe...Nick's such a dear! =) he actually brought 3 boxes but for some reason nobody wanted it (?!?!?!?!?) so i took home all 3. haha...i feel so greedy and selfish and glutton-ish! so anybody who wants some feel free to come over alright? i'm feeling generous with my Pods! =)

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