Saturday, December 24, 2005


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i'm home~! bee-stung, jellyfish-stung, red ant-bitten, sun-blazed and everything!

yup...bearing much more battle scars than last year, i'm proud to say that i have experienced yet another gruelling 10 days in OB! priceless.

i'm dead tired. my brains are a bit messed up right now. so i'll spare you the long windedness and sprinkle you with highlights.

in the past 2 weeks i learned that:

1. you should never trust mosquito repellants bought from KL. They don't work on jungle mozzies.

2. you can get sick of chicken from eating them too much.

3. teenagers have this miraculous way of surviving through the day with very very little sleep.

4. never follow people blindly.

5. just because u can't see anything, doesn't mean there's nothing there.

6. bee stings hurt like hell, no matter what you say.

7. random words created with meaning and all, can become a whole new language by itself if influencial enough.

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8. all random words created with meaning and all are influencial enough.

9. the quality of a pair shoes rises exponentially with the price of the shoes. in other words, Power shoes may save you financially, but it may not save you physically.

10. you should never underestimate the power of air-borne disease.

11. never tease the guy with the red eye. he infects.

12. it is not fun being forced to stay in and do nothing, no matter what you say.

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13. should you be quarantined, be so with people who won't sleep all day.

14. that one can learn how to play, master it, and get sick of chor dai di all in but 2 days.

15. rain sucks.

16. blisters on the feet are as torturous as any form of physical discomfort, if not worse.

17. you should never tie your hammock on a tree infested with ants.

18. no, mosquito repellant does not work on ants.

19. mosquito repellant does not work. period.

20. my Bata hiking shoes are waterproof!

21. water may not seep into the material of the shoe, but leave it hanging outside in the rain and it just might get wet through the hole you put your feet in through.

22. making a fire with wet wood not only takes aeons to do, but it also makes a funny sound and produces loads of smoke.

23. when you're exhausted, you can not hear the alarm even if it's next to your ear.

24. 10 days lasts an eye wink when you are having a blast.

25. missing people actually depreciates your apetite.

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to my Clima Cools, you'll forever be in my heart.

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