Wednesday, December 07, 2005

sleeping habits

i've been getting this command all night. i tried signing into Keith's account and i got in within a second. I always thought when things like this happen it, it happens to everyone on MSN. But Ju says hers is fine, so i'm thinking this is God's way of saying, "Go to sleep Karen! you need to change your sleeping habit!". hehe...i do. i sleep at 3-4 am and i wake up at noon. it's bad. my mum thinks i'm a bad influence to Keith. so i should start sleeping earlier and waking up earlier. =)

i went to Fajar today with my mum and my aunt. I think my mum plans to buy up the entire Fajar. hehe she's been making multiple trips to it and coming home with heaps of plstic bags exclaiming "Very cheap la!". since i was in Summit, i thought i might drop by Fitness First to show how eager i was to get started. Isaiah was there. Unfortunately his boss wasn't. Darn. So we had a tour around the place, not like i've never been there, but yea. It was nice seeing Isaiah again. ahah i think the last time i saw him was at Powerman Putrajaya. Looking good i must say. I really wanna work in Fitness First. I could use some shedding of pounds and toning of abs and biceps. haha yes, even girls need to tone biceps. =)

alright. almost 1 am. let's see if i can get some sleep at this hour. it takes some getting used to.=)

-update- i just got connected to MSN. haha maybe God decided to reward my persistence in trying and retrying to sign in. =) anyway, i forgot to mention, i went jogging today. hehe up SS18. feels good...=)

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