Monday, May 03, 2010

brighter days

I'm starting to believe my temporary streak of bad luck and mild depression was brought on by nothing other than hormonal changes during PMS. Ha! To be woman...

I've been a lot more chirpy since yesterday, watching Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man 2 must've done the trick. I *heart* the man and his strange antics. No wonder I *heart* D. haha!

I've just handed in my 3rd lab report for Medsci 205, a terrifying subject, I must say. But, albeit barely breathing, I am determined to stay afloat and get at the very least a Pass for this subject. Staying back one more semester just isn't an option I am looking into, not now not ever.

Mum and Dad has sent me some money for my birthday, and it came in the mail today! I was elated! I am still thinking what I plan to do with it, so many things I feel like buying, but the temptation is somewhat stifled by my ever growing desire to save and accumulate my wealth! For what, I don't exactly know, considering I have only got about a year left in this country, and I intend to make memories for myself.

The weather has gone crazy cold since the 1st of May. It was almost as if someone "switched" winter on because the change was so instant, I went to bed with toasty feet and woke up freezing!

I hate winter. However this time around I find myself willing for it to turn colder sooner, because the colder it gets, the "warmer" i am to flying home. =) Like last year, I have heaps of things to look forward to, even if I've only been away for 4 months come June. I miss everyone at home so much more this time around, I don't really know why. I'm dying to see D again.

I may whine about my life in Auckland quite a bit, but I must say that every semester has taught me great life lessons. From learning to be alone, to learning to be brave, to learning to negotiate with car dealers, and now to being firm and claiming what's rightfully mine in a car accident. I must say, somebody up there really is putting me through an obstacle course, in my 3 years here. Because from what I hear from friends who study/live abroad, I have definitely signed myself up for something quite different. *shrug*

Anyway, I'd just like to say a big thanks to my friends here, who have helped me through some of the darker days. I think I am quite blessed to find good friends wherever I go. Probably would've given up if it weren't for some very comforting, very firm and very kind-hearted people I'm lucky enough to meet.

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