Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Are you who you want to be?

are you who you want to be?
does your heart feel right?
does the smile you put on every day
seem to fade away at night?

do the steps you take to where you're headed
seem like they know where they're going?
do the visions in your mind
appear without you willing?

are the voices in your head
contradicting the ones in your heart?
did you just decide to play a role?
when did you assume this part?

were the happy memories you try to tap into
able to take the bitterness away?
are there still questions left unanswered
and words you had meant to say?

are you sure of what you're sure of?
did you just push away more thoughts?
will you ever find that idea of a happy ending
you swore you had bought?

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