Friday, May 07, 2010

Letters to Juliet

Just watched this with a good friend of mine. She treated me to this as an early birthday present, and the best part was we got to watch it in the Director's Lounge at Hoyts. You get to sit on huge couches. It would fit 1 Julie and 1 Karen on that couch. Snugly. =)

Anyway, I think the movie was sweet. I wouldn't say it's great, though. I think it was made for the hopefuls out there. The hopelessly romantic. People who believe in destiny and fate.

People like me. heh.

As if I wasn't already clinging on to this picture of a fairytale love story, I am now compelled to believe that my true love is out there somewhere. The person who would love me now, and when I'm 30, and even when I am an old wrinkly 60.

Sigh. Somebody pull me back down to earth already.

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