Sunday, May 16, 2010


Wow, what a weekend. I just had a pretty busy 3 days, and it felt quite good. They weren't great plans. But they were plans. And I like being this busy with social obligations. Makes me feel a little more me.

On Friday night I attended a friend's birthday party downtown. I was debating it in my head, wondering if I should go, because I didn't really know many people who were going. But then I figured it would be more fun than to stay home and write my report (which I really should've done a bit more) so I chucked on my ruby red boots and drove to town. It turned out quite nice, met a guy who seriously is Weng's doppelganger. And got many compliments on the red boots. =)Weng's doppelganger in black. Doesn't look much like him here, but i swear he TALKS, ACTS, WALKS like Weng.sorry i just had to put this picture up, because I never knew my biceps could look that good to be honest.'s a farce though, I can't even do 15 push ups. oh and the birthday girl is Mok, in the middle. =)

Saturday I had the usual work from 8-4 in Sylvia Park. At night, thanks to dear Ben, Hani and I went to watch Avenue Q! In case you didn't know, Trekkie Monster was the one who popularised the The Internet is for Porn video. Anyway the musical was hilarious. I laughed for 2 hours. I kid you not. It's a little crass, and not really my sort of humour, but maybe it's the puppets, and the dance moves, just got me tearing with laughter! If it made ME laugh I dare say it'll knock your socks off! Go watch it if u have the chance!
This morning, I went for a trail run with Ruth in The Hunua Ranges, about 50km from Auckland CBD. It was the first race of the Xterra trail run series. I signed up for the 22.1 km super long category, thinking it would be a nice long distance in the name of marathon training. heh. Though the distance is half of that of a full marathon, the time I took was almost the same! It was possibly the toughest trail run i've ever done in terms of energy requirement. Here's the profile.I saw this before the race, and kinda had it in my mind the uphill climb began only towards the end of the race, so i didn't expect to go uphill till probably 15km into the race. But started waaaay earlier and I think I completely exhausted whatever glycogen I had in me. My legs felt wobbly, with every step i took running downhill, I swear I was going to fall. But I didn't. Well, i fell twice. But that was because the route was really muddy. But yea I was so tired my vision became blurry. And running downhill is quite technical this time around. I'd say it was close to Malaysian jungle status. =) The view, as expected, was breathtaking. I have to say I thoroughly enjoy trail running in Auckland because it really renders me speechless whenever I reach the top. I wish I could carry my camera with me. When I finished, 3.5 hours later, i was in quite a bit of pain. Really felt as if I had just run a marathon. Possibly even more. I went on to take my shoes off, and noticed red stains on my socks. My heel was bleeding. My shoe had blood stains too. I don't think I have ever chaffed till I bled. I didn't even feel it! I feel quite proud though. I feel really hardcore. haha...=) And I lost 2 more toenails.

Now I'm extremely knackered. My legs are so sore. I have no appetite too. I'm THAT worn. But's been a great weekend...if I had it my way, I'd have a weekend like this EVERY weekend. =)

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