Thursday, May 13, 2010


Updated: Picture below. My Hyacinths now. only 4 days after. =)

I'm 24.

For some reason I don't like the sound of that age. It's a strange number. It's not quite 25, and too far away from 21. 23 was a nicer age to be at.

Anyway, birthday celebrations this year in Aucks was a lot more joyous compared to last year. I definitely had quite a bit of fun this time. I celebrated it 2 times, once on Saturday with the Malaysians and Subangites, and once more on my actual birthday with the mat sallehs. My best non-Malaysian friends here in Auckland. =)

I received quite a few presents as well, money from Mom and Dad and yehyeh came a few days before my birthday, allowing me to do a bit of birthday splurging, a beauty pack from Navin, to fulfill my becoming more womanly, a pedicure set from Abby, same inspiration, a gorgeous aqua single stone necklace from Michael Hill from Wye Yin, which I absolutely love, and this Hyacinth plant from Mod and Flo. I guess I really am about to morph into a lady this year. =) Oh and the Aunty i'm staying with gave me an angpow too!

I feel loved, by the people over here. And they really spoil me sometimes. So much so that I feel a tad guilty, that even with all the love they shower onto me, a small part of me still yearns to have my family and friends from Subang around. Birthdays always matter in my home, and my family make an effort to always make birthdays special. I miss that. And my besties back at home! I miss them so much. And I want to spend my birthday with D. I've spent only one birthday with him since we got together. I guess before we met, I've always ogled at the idea of spending your birthday with your boyfriend. So it's quite a bummer that I'd have to celebrate 3 birthdays without him. 2 down, 1 more next year. =(

Anyway, I've got 6 weeks to home! The anticipation is killing me. I really need to get my head into my exams and everything, but really, I think my body knows it's coming soon because of late, I've been craving the randomest Malaysian foods like mee hoon kueh, char kuey tiaw and satay. =)

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