Wednesday, May 05, 2010

To be woman

I'm starting to think it is about time I walked, talked, dressed and behaved like a real woman. I'm turning 24 soon, and I realise my fashion hasn't really changed much since I left high school. Every day I look around at the people who walk around uni. These girls are easily 3-4 years younger than I am and yet they're all clad in swishy skirts, printed dresses, flowy scarves, bangles, chains, huge handbags and simple yet alluring make up.

They make my 10 dollar t shirts and 20 dollar jeans look like hand-me-downs.

I do own a couple of dresses, but then I cycle to uni. And yes I suppose I can wear tights or leggings, but then I really don't like walking in anything other than my trainers. How does one wear trainers with a dress??

I feel compelled to buy a couple more casual dresses that I can just wear out. My friends back at home wear dresses all the time now. Perhaps I should start. But I really don't feel comfortable in dresses. And I feel like everyone's staring, as if they all know I don't usually wear dresses.

Oh and make up. I used to trace a thin line of eyeliner across my lids back at home. But here in Auckland I really don't feel the need to. I can walk with a paper bag around my head and it wouldn't make a difference. Nobody knows me anyway.

But yes, I probably should start owning some make up stuff. And buying more lady like shoes. And getting myself a couple of dress shirts, instead of cotton baby tees.

I can understand dressing up in Malaysia though, because we don't walk much, and we're in air conditioned areas all the time. But here it's freezing outside, how women walk around in mini dresses and open toed sandals completely fazes me.

Well, time to grow up and be a lady, me thinks. Starting by wearing more dresses. I'm no longer 16.

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