Saturday, May 29, 2010

painting nails at work

*edit* Gene Simmons it was =P
so im sitting at the reception of a women's gym in Sylvia Park, painting my nails black, and watching Facebook feed me updates. Shocking, I know.

Not your every day scene at the gym definitely.

But it's quiet on weekends. And for once the boss has decided she didn't want to work today. That very rarely happens. So I'm here by myself, and there is/are possibly only one or two souls puttering about in the gym.

I'm painting my nails black for a fancy dress party tonight. I've been cracking my head all week thinking of what to dress up as, because the theme was American and Mexican stereotypes. Which is everything. Until I watched the new episodes of One Tree Hill, followed by Glee. Now I've decided to go as the famed rockstar from KISS.

So I've got my face paint ready. I'm doing my nails. I'm getting all excited. I'm reading my email. I'm surfing the www. And then, bam! I see this:

Gene Simmons is the lead singer of KISS btw.

haha...maybe I should just go as Lady GaGa.

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Anonymous said...

Actually Paul Stanley (Also Known As "The Star Child") Is The Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitarist For KISS. Gene Simmons Is Bassist/Backing Vocals (Also Known As The "Demon Child") Ace Frehley (Also Known As The "Space Man") Lead Guitarist/Backing Vocals. And Lastly Peter Criss (Also Known As "The Cat Man") Is On Drums. Just A Little Nugget Of Knowledge For You There.