Friday, April 02, 2010


I went to the Auckland Zoo today! I've been wanting to go to the Zoo since i got to Auckland. But people keep telling me I won't see anything because it is always too cold. Well, today the weather was a perfect 20 degrees so I followed Erin & Simon (and lampposted) to the zoo.

It was...well, a zoo. Not great, but not bad either. But I'll tell you what I got to see...

a KIWIBIRD! unfortunately they had to be in a dark habitat because they're nocturnal (so they must wonder why it was nightfall all the time, will they ever get time to sleep?!?!?) so I couldn't really take good pictures. This picture is stolen from the web. But I finally saw an actual kiwibird! And they're really really cute! They're about the size of a chicken, so no, they're not that small. But i think it's coz they shuffle around on their 2 feet, with no forelimbs - so adorable! Haha!

I also got to see the usual animals. Oh and there was a black gibbon type monkey which had a bullfrog throat which made the most hilarious noises. It croaked like a bullfrog at first, and then it yelped like a dog! funny. and the more attention it got from the people, the more it yelled (for lack of knowledge of the term used to describe monkey noises).

I could've stayed there for an hour and still be amused. =)

Was a pretty good trip i guess. Quite alright for Good Friday in Sheep Land for Miss Siah. =)

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