Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Money-Happiness function

I don't like believing in the fact that the happier I want to be, the more money I need to spend. I am in a vast vast land, brimming with opportunities of free, fun happiness.

But sad to say, because I am not of the solitary species, I almost cannot do anything without company. So in order to feed my soul with such wonderful adventures, I need to find people to accompany me. Problem is, not many people fancy just going for a walk for no reason. Rather, not many people I know here have the time.

So to fill the gaping hole that is my social life, and prevent Loneliness and Homesickness from penetrating my sense of self, I take what I can with invites to social get-togethers. They are, more often than not, the gastronomical kind. Which is perfectly fine by me. I love food. It's pretty much all I do back home in Subang anyway - eat.

Except that over here, eating out costs a little bit more. Even to have a drink is expensive. And I don't exactly earn a lot. Minus rent, I don't really have much left to enjoy if i wanted to put aside some money to pay for my flight home.

But to be sitting at home, with no plans but a date with The Big Bang Theory and 2 and a Half Men isn't really my idea of enjoyment. I didn't come here to do that. I came here to experience.

So, spend more money, find more happiness. Save more money, find less happiness.


Well, 85 more days. =)

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