Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yesterday night I attended an event organized by the New Zealand Chinese Association, called Enter the Dragonz. To be honest, when my friend first told me about it I have absolutely no idea what it was about. I just saw free food and drinks and I was sold. =) Also I welcome any opportunity to head out, so I figured why not.

It was, to my understanding, a new events company that whose aim is to allow NZ Chinese to network and interact through a series of events they plan to organize throughout the year.


Network I did...well, kinda. I met heaps of people, collected a handful of name cards...but for what? I guess when you're in the rat race networking can really get you places, but then again, it's not really just about networking with any random person, is it? And I find that these people are way too eager to network that they pounce on anyone that's unattended. I mean seriously, what is a freight forwarder in New Zealand has to do with a humble sport science undergraduate like myself? I do not see how our little networking could possibly benefit our lives in future, nor how you're going to remember my name tomorrow, but okay, thanks for the 3 minute entertainment, I think you're looking at me a bit creepily by the way.

I just think networking should be done on a more casual, spontaneous basis. There shouldn't be events specially held at venues, with free flow of white wine and little snack boxes, specifically held to encourage networking. I mean, networking could happen at the bus stop, the elevator, the fiction aisle at Borders. And if after several witty remarks about the type of handbag you're carrying, I think what you do could benefit what I do in future, I would then offer my business card, and possibly meet for coffee some other time to discuss opportunities. I think that's how networking should be done. Whereas if you held an event and told people that are invited "This is a networking event", people come armed with colgate smiles and a triple deck business card stack in their fancy pant suits and pin skirts, and try to shove a business card in front of your nose at every opportunity.

Maybe I was just there for the wrong reasons I guess. I had just wanted to get out and talk to some people. The scene was a little disappointing, I think New Zealand Chinese aren't the most beautiful people in the country, unfortunately. Take me back to my ripped, toned, boys at the uni gym. =)

Perhaps in future when I actually become a blooming personal trainer, hungry to bust the crap out of some people, I would actually find networking events advantageous. heh.

The best part was meeting some friends over hot chai latte and cheesecake after that. yums. Now, these things I would definitely miss NZ for.

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