Friday, April 09, 2010

Of vampires and sex in the city

I realised that I actually have a solitary side to me. I always say I hate being alone. But perhaps it is due to the lack of social activity, or the lack of willingness to spend money, I find that I recoil into an antisocial loner sometimes. And when I am out, I want nothing more than to sit in my room, in front of my laptop, and surf Facebook, or watch videos, or plan potential holiday trips. Perhaps this is escapism, my way of dealing with my homesickness. Perhaps.

But anyway, I watched a movie alone that day. In my room. I watched Twilight. Yes, now only I watch. I wanted to know what all the craze was about, I remember going home last summer and Rosie raving on and on about the lengchai vampire. And Keith going "Omg...what is it with you girls and Twilight?". So I had wanted to watch it with my own lengchai boyfriend, but as always, we never get around to doing the things I plan to do.

Here's my two cents. I think it is cheesy. I don't think Robert Pattinson or what's-his-face is at all good looking, I think I really despise fair guys. I think the girl is really gorgeous though, and I think a century old vampire dating a school girl is kinda paedophilic, but cool in the sense that they get to fly through the trees. I'd give anything to be flown through the trees. =) And though I think it was a long shot at a romantic tale, I couldn't help but feel emotional when he kissed her neck at the prom. Good entertainment though.

I also spent lazy free afternoons reading a storybook. It was called Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes. Think Sex and the City. With a gay man amidst the 3 best friends. I thought it was an enjoyable, light hearted novel. I can now understand how some people, mostly girls, can read something and start to reflect on their own lives. It definitely got me thinking about what I want out of life, out of my relationship. It also made me realise that true love really is rare to come by. But we learn to love the next best thing, we learn to fall deeply in love after a while.

I love reading the books, in my own sweet time, but at times reading about love really makes me wish I can end the day in the arms of the boy. And that's when I start wishing for June to come earlier.

How did I become such a sop, I wonder.

And man, I really need to get this lab report done.

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