Monday, April 05, 2010


So it was by chance that I decided to casually surf into the uni website. Just checking around to see if someone tried to burn that building down yet. heh. No such luck though. But then something caught my eye in the nDeva site. Semester One 2010 examination timetable is out!!!

so with my fingers crossed, and my heart rate racing, I clicked on my exam schedule, and guess what?
My last paper ends on the 23rd of June! I am so so so psyched to say the least! This means the world to me! I was originally booked to go home on the 28th of June. Now I can go home 5 days earlier!

Already my head started planning - change my flight, register for KL marathon, tell everyone! So much so, that my dinner thereafter had me swallowing balls of rice, vegetables, bread, banana and water to dislodge a fishbone that got stuck in my throat. I spent an hour of agony, finally ending it by sticking my finger into the back of my mouth and nudging the bone out with my finger. Gag reflex. Pain. urghhh...

But anyhooosss...I've booked my flight out on the 23rd of June, flying out at 11.50 pm! I will be touching down in good ol' KL at about 9.30 am on 24th.

And..... I'm all registered for the KL Marathon 42km Women category for 27th of June! See you all there!!

Yussss....things are looking up!! =)


valeriechuan said...

23 june larrr...apa la 23 i see the timetable there i read your blog i thought something wrong with my eyes....

must be too excited ady type salah

galnexdor said...

haha yea! omg...thanks for pointing it out. ive been so programmed to think that i am flying home in november only. =)