Sunday, April 18, 2010

what if i told you

what if i told you i miss you
over and over again
what if i said, i wish you were here
to help reduce the subtle pain

what if i called you late at night
just to hear the sound of your voice
what if i wanted to talk to you
so much, i didn't have a choice

what if i said, i dream of you
just about every other night
what if i said, i dread waking up
because, of you, i dread losing sight

what if i said, i love you
for about the millionth time
what if i said, that every second
you're always on my mind

what if i said, i love you
when i look straight in your eyes
is it enough to win your heart
tell me, would all of this suffice?
Clearly i am missing somebody. The picture is the Classic Chocolate Cake at Delicious. He dropped a drop of chocolate fudge onto the cake and it miraculously formed a heart shape. Trust the romantic in me to think it was quite amazing.

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