Friday, March 26, 2010

semana cuatro

Done with 4 weeks. only one more to go before the Easter break kick starts. And then 7 weeks more of class before finals. I'm coping much better now, no more unimaginable homesickness, no more pangs of loneliness, no more waking up disappointed that I am in this quiet quiet town.

things that have happened:

1. I bought a car. Yes I did. And she is gorgeous! I got her for $2000. She is a 1995 Nissan Pulsar. I haven't named her yet, but Ruth said I gotta let a name come to me as I drive it, and nothing has come to me yet, so..*shrug*.2. I signed up for belly dancing lessons at uni. I have 8 weeks of lessons, and I've already done 2. It's been pretty fun so far, because I signed up with Erin and we quite enjoy it. I was surprised to learn that one side of my hip (right) can't rotate as well as the other side. But I can do piston hips (the jerky side to side shakes) and I am working towards the Beyonce booty shake. =)3. I love biomechanics. I think I've found my calling in the world of Sport Science. heh. =)

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