Friday, March 19, 2010


time passing by like a train through the station
pausing briefly to make memories in my head
with Jack Johnson playing through the day
and Vienna Teng right before i hit the bed

it's too easy to let my mind go adrift
in this quiet little town i find myself in
it's too easy to think of you and all that you do
with your deep brown eyes and feel of your skin

and life goes on as i enjoy the ride
whether it's you over there or me over here
watching visions move past the windows
and you're never too far when we talk, yet never quite near

i'd go adrift when things seem less than fun
i'd go adrift when i'm missing you
i'd think of all the times we laughed together
so that the next thing i know, time has passed me through

and i'd miss you every day for sure
like the beating of a heart, i'd never cease to miss
but i'm on this train for now, just thinking of you
watching visions go as i pass through
until you're near enough for a kiss.

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