Tuesday, March 16, 2010

lab report rant

people always say treasure your student life. working life is a whole different story.

i say, no way. If student life were that great, why aren't the bulk of you going back to it?

working life trumps student life because you don't need to do lab reports. you don't have homework to do. you don't need to study for exams. you just go to work and do work from start to end of office hours, and then you're good to go. your nights are free. your weekends are free.

unless of course u work in an audit firm in downtown KL, then you've only got yourself to blame because you KNEW what you'd be getting into.

But seriously, i cannot WAIT to be in the workforce. because MY job is gonna be fun. Love your job, and you'll never have to work for another day. That's gonna be me when I'm done with this degree.

I CANNOT WAIT for the day where I don't need to retrieve another darn journal article, where I don't have to cite and reference another darn book, where I don't need to go through past year exam papers and sit amidst text books and scribbled notes studying for an exam.

urgh, lab reports. "To prepare you for the future. If you can't write a proper lab report, nobody is going to want to publish you!" Well, I don't see myself publishing anything in future. So just let me go and learn the physiology and biomechanics of the human body and let me apply it to the people I train, will ya?!


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sss said...

when u start working, u'll take back everything..hahahaha