Saturday, March 06, 2010

Random musings of week 1.

I'm done with 1 week. 11 more academic weeks to go.

I made a life plan last year for the next 7 years of my life. In it, I had planned to stay on in NZ next year, after I'm done till my graduation ceremony in October. Unfortunately I just realised my student permit would finish by August 31st. So I guess I'll definitely have to leave anyway. So, yay? =)

I was at my Manager's farewell party last night. We're all the same age, but I was the only one there not married. If you asked me how that made me feel, I actually found myself liking the idea of being married. Heh.

It dawned upon me that when a bunch of girls get together to talk, they all have pretty much the same issues with their boyfriends, husbands, in laws. Which only proves to show whatever you're experiencing, chances are its what the next girl can understand with as well. That being said, there are exceptionally different guys who tend to play the girl role sometimes, while their girlfriends/wives play the man role. *shrug*

I was talking to Ai Ching on MSN just now and realised she is only turning 20 this year. Has she always been THAT much younger than me?

I feel old.

Waiting for the train outside Sylvia Park, I saw 2 guys with 2 baby strollers and 2 toddlers dressed the same way. Each man was looking after presumably their own son. A thought crossed my mind. When I'm married and have a kid in future, I'm gonna ask my hubby to take him out with a friend's hubby and kid. I think it'd be quite cool to see 2 dads baby sitting their kids together.

Despite managing to go out and meet up with some friends over the weekend, the best moments here so far has to be the little messages the boyfriend leaves me when I least expect it. =) Thanks.

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