Monday, April 21, 2008

spin spin spin...spun

I've been attending RPM classes close to everyday in my desperate attempt to master the class in time for my instructor course. Quite honestly, i have never had such consistent training in my life. Not even when i ran my maiden marathon in March. Thus, needless to say i am feeling pretty well spent. Or "spun", if u may. But i have learned that i am...well...not too good at RPM as i thought i am. and i have learned that it actually takes people months of practice to achieve a level of fitness that allows them to breeze through RPM classes the way they do. and yes, i am actually referring to Aunties who are probably 10-20 years my senior. It is quite amazing watching their legs spin as fast as they do it, actually. Anyway, RM800+ have been debited from my dad's account. I'd have to pay him back soon for it. No turning back now.

am i confident? Not quite.
am i still game? Sure.
will i pass? Hell yeah. I better.

I suppose i'd be fine. I have a strong feeling the adrenaline rush would aid me through once i'm actually put in a spot, surrounded by people who are all pushing themselves as well.

That aside, i went kayaking with Keeran, Beatrice, and a whole bunch of extremely gung-ho, hardcore, fitness cum adventure fanatics. I felt as small and puny as a mouse, physically and emotionally speaking. But they're a hilarious bunch, so i thoroughly enjoyed myself. Training with Keeran was good. Putrajaya Club House was gorgeous. Had a ball. :)

Lacking training in swimming though. The last time i swam was the last triathlon. PD Tri was it? That was a year ago. Gotta start swimming soon. Even my running training have dwindled since RPM took over my life. I'm starting to think doing multisport events is extremely tough. Maybe i should stick to purely running. *shrug*

On other things, life as an unemployed, fresh graduate, professional bummer is awesome! That coupled with the fact that the boyfriend is just as free as i am...if that ain't bliss, i don't know what is. :) I can smell the green jealousy oozing out of everyone of you who's working right now. haha...well, put it this way, i've got freedom, you've got financial freedom. you're in a better position, trust me.

Anyway, Dennis and I hit the 6 month mark yesterday. May not be as long as some couples, but it's been great nonetheless. If i haven't been glowing with joy in the past 6 months, you must be blind. :) Here's to many many many more months!


kev said...

Eh 20th? Heheh Li-Ann and myself on the 22nd. 22 months today :)

All the best for your RPM instructor course!

..melanie.. said...

and i have neither financial freedom or otherwise!! BWAHAHAHA! *sobsob*

galnexdor said...

haha congrats kor...:) n thanks...

melly, u have freedom whaaaaat...kinda....haha

Gene said...

there there mel. i'll buy you a drink to make up for it =D