Monday, April 14, 2008

Orange Run

As early as 5.45 am, text messages were coming in on my phone. I guess the rain was a convenient excuse for a lot of people to not show up for the run. But the rain didn't so much as cause my parents to flinch. So we went anyway. Dennis, his friend Jason, and Steven in tow.

When we got there, the rain had slowed to a very light drizzle. I didn't have anything to eat because i fear i would have to make toilet stops and there wasn't any along the way. I was even afraid to drink anything.

When I started to run my legs felt like jelly. I stopped running after barely 10 minutes. I was extremely weak and had slight difficulty breathing.

Anyway, i decided to do a walk-run-walk-run just to get a bit of exercise. Managed to complete the race with a horrendous time no less. owell...*shrugs*.

Daddy, Mummy, Keith, Dennis, Jason and Steven all had a good run. Or at least i think they all did. Food was nasi lemak again, not like i could have any. Goodie bag was disappointing. owell...


Tey said...

can u let me know u family bib ? tks...

take good rest ya...

galnexdor said...

haha thanks...ok already...:)

dad - A443
brother - E494
mum - B320

why ar?

Tey said...

atleast still got nice foto lah..hehe

take care...think found u bro too.