Thursday, April 17, 2008

the game plan which failed

*edit* My RPM course got postponed to next weekend instead! whoopee...more time to practise!

The plan was to RPM once a day every single day till today. I started last Monday. Then Tuesday. Wednesday I missed a session because I went trail running with Keeran at Bt Gasing. And on Thursday, my diarrhea struck. and it didn't stop till Sunday.

Monday i recovered, but was so weak i figured i'd faint in class. So yesterday morning i went for Studio Cycling, which isn't quite RPM, but enough to get me sweating and back on track. I went for another session yesterday night as well. And this morning, i went for Olivia's. And by now, i'm so beaten up i decided to skip my supposedly final session tonight. Tomorrow i'm resting.

Pray I pass this training course, peeps!

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