Tuesday, April 08, 2008

the free credit, the cheng beng ceremony and the rpm class

i've been meaning to blog about this for sometime. but i hadn't simply coz it so coincidentally happened on April Fool's Day that i fear the tables would be turned on me and it will disappear before my eyes for the benefit of some sick April fool prank player.

but it's still there, and looks like it's here to stay. :) On 1st of April, while walking around The Curve with Dennis, i received an sms saying that RM50 has been topped up into my credit, making my credit sky rocket up to RM105. Shocked, first person i suspected was Dennis, but he was right there with me the whole time. The boy is smooth but not that smooth I'm guessing. Anyway, he claimed he had not done it. He even tried calling up Maxis for me to see if he could find out who had done it, using the reference number which came together with the sms. Maxis, unfortunately, has no way of tracing it. so, oh well.

My mum thinks someone topped my phone up by mistake, maybe mistyped one digit wrongly or something. Well if that is so, God bless that kind soul. :) If he/she had called me to ask for it I'd gladly return the RM50. But it's been 7 days and no one has called, so lucky me. :)

Cheng Beng @ Nilai Memorial Park.

I have signed up to be an RPM instructor if u haven't heard. (Note: RPM stands for revolutions per minute and it's the name of that spinning/cycling class in the gyms with the screaming instructor up on the podium in front of everyone. yeah, intense.) And i know i'm not the strongest cyclist. Not a very strong RPM-er either. But i'll get there. Yesterday i went for RPM for the first time since...October? November? yea its been awhile.

Needless to say i struggled to keep up. Ego slightly bruised. Self esteem slightly chipped. But i'm gonna pass this instructor course. even if it means doing an RPM class a day till the 18th. which isn't very far off. I'll get there.


valeriechuan said...

cool! RPM instructor =)
mann i went ONCE for RPM, i almost pengsan half way..HAHAH..luckily my bro was there with me..hehe..i left half way i couldn take it anymore...i feel so unfitt..Hahah :P

galnexdor said...

hahaha...its a whole different ball game from running...i can feel my thigh muscles tightening di...

Runnerz said...

In fitness and LesMills term, RPM stands for Raw Power in Motion. It only stands for Revolution Per Minute in automobile terms. :)