Thursday, April 10, 2008

in the mood to rant

because i'm sick. have been purging all night and morning. 5 times and still counting. have no idea what caused it. all i know is i feel drained. completely drained of energy. and it sucks because i want to go for RPM.

because i suck at RPM. i need all the practice i can get but i don't know if it'll be enough. i really want to pass this course.

because i have a completed application form sitting on my left hand side of the desk. it took me months to complete that scholarship application. because of all the referee letters and true copy certification and personal statements i had to deal with. and now it's just sitting there because the darn Ministry of Higher Education's phone refuses to disengage. i think i'll just post it in. get the address from the website or something.

because i have four 500 word essays to write to apply for the astro scholarship. all of which has to be done one after the other because it is a darn online application box. i can't go to the next question until i'm done with the one before.

because the weather's making me sick and i can't do anything about it.


Joanne said...

hey karen, get well soon and I wish you all the best with your scholarship applications. With all your qualifications, I'm sure youll get at least one of them. If not, its their loss =)

galnexdor said...

thanks joanne...:) feeling much better now...