Sunday, February 28, 2010

summer 09/10

Now that it's less painful to reflect, let's have a look at what I did this summer.

Family and Friends

I started off by catching everyone by surprise because I appeared a whole week before I was supposed to! Jayson and Grace came to pick me up from the airport, whisked me away to Murni's for my first Malaysian meal, and then I came home and surprised my family! Daddy was hilarious, because he was walking out when I arrived home and he somehow didn't recognize me at first (it was dark) and thought I was my cousin when i went "BOO!". And then when I got closer, he realised it was me and went, "Eh, what are you doing here?". was great to be back. =)

The next few days I went about surprising some more people like Ju and Lyn and Rosie. Poor Shiau Sang had to be my cameo in surprising Lyn, and even though she hasn't seen Lyn in ages as well, I kinda stole her thunder because Lyn cried when she saw me! Priceless. =)
Meeting up with the high school gang was real nice as well. On many occasions I hung out with Ven Nee or Julie, mano o mano, so we could have deep, intriguing conversations about boys. haha...Off and on those oversea-ers came back and we had small reunions here and there. Always nice to attend those. Although I think I didn't make it to some of them, and I regret I didn't. 3 months is so not enough I tell you.

The Metro peeps, I managed to meet a couple of times too. Stevo being the one I saw most often. Because he's cool and agrees to go for anything. Joey, Yan Yee and Nick I managed to catch once or twice. Shakti too! Some I failed to meet, like Kailash and Shah. But you know, there's always next summer. =)But this time I made it a point to eat more dinners at home. And it was nice. Mummy's cooking is definitely a healer of the homesick soul. I dare say that I miss her cooking so much when I am here, I tend to go crazy with junk food to stave the craving. heh. 9 months till i have it again. I know they probably feel I didn't spend much time at home. I guess I always should've done better at that, but it's hard to say no to dates with the boy though. =)

I went to Cambodia with my family in December. It was really nice. I wish my big brother came along, it's been quite a while since we went for a holiday as a family, not counting the recent CNY. I guess that'll have to wait till I'm done with this degree. But Siam Reap was good. Very cultural. Lovely scenery.

Then I ran the Singapore Marathon blindfolded. That was quite an experience. I think I enjoy running a bit more with the gift of sight. I'm a little more grateful, you could say.

Running the NB 30 k was when all the oily street food and alcohol binging started to show. Haha...and where the hills of KL humbled this Auckland trained runner. heh.

The Putrajaya Night marathon was really something. Quite an interesting race. The best part was seeing D at the finishing line waiting for me. Oh and winning a grand. =)

I was supposed to go on a mountain expedition. But seeing as how that failed, I went on 2 waterfall trips instead. Ijan, my friendly waterfall guide slash OB friend, brought us to Lepoh Falls and then to Jerangkang Falls. I loved them! Waterfalls are awesome!Skytrex with a bunch of Ds friends and Ju and her cousins was the bomb! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Chinese New Year

CNY fell on Valentine's Day this year. So i think the festivities all over the place was a little diluted because of the double event. I went back to Raub with the family as usual, big brother was back too! It was really nice having him around, because if not I'll be the eldest grandchild there, and Keith was the only one I talked to the most. Having my kor around meant one more person to talk to.
D time

Where do I start? I spent the most of my summer with D. And I can only wish we had MORE time together.

We went on a Christmas trip to Penang/Ipoh/Teluk Intan with Calvin and Carmen. I stuffed myself crazy with really really good food. I had a really good time with them. I have to say it was one of the best trips I've had. I think Calvin and Carmen are like our permanent double dates. haha...

D planned a really great Valentine's for me on the Friday before I flew off. It included hiking, and wake boarding and of course, more eating. I think the boy really did it this time. He really stole my heart and had me wondering how on earth did I get him.Being with D this time around made all the difference. I was never big on physical contact and PDA, but this time around, I held his hand or waist or shoulder every time we went out and I didn't want to let go. We probably might have kissed in a few public areas too, something I so, wouldn't do. We went through a lot, and each time we made up, I cling on to him a little tighter. It was really hard to leave him. I made a promise that I'll try my best to sail through this year without missing him painfully. I don't know how well I'll be able to do that, but i will try.And those are just some snapshots of this Summer. What wasn't captured was the joy and sheer happiness I felt the entire 3 months. It sucks that I can only have that again after 9 months. But there are only 3 semesters left in this degree. And when I'm done with it, I will be going home to Malaysia. For good this time.

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