Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting there..

So I think I'm slowly getting happier with this place. Excuse the last post. It gets a lot harder each time, as I've come to realise. Maybe because each time you go through a year, you start to appreciate home a little bit more, and when you go back home, you have a blast and all too soon it ends. And when you have to go away again, you're all too familiar with the emptiness that comes with the absence of those you love very much.

Anyway, I finally found a place to settle for a bit. I'm staying with a nice Hong Kong family. Really puts my Cantonese to test, but I've done pretty alright thus far. Their daughter is also called Karen. They're actually friends of Aunty Jane's and the best part is they live right behind her. Their gardens even connect, I kid you not. I've walked through the garden over to Aunty Jane's a couple of times already to use the internet because Karen wasn't around to help me set up the connection for my laptop here. The wireless here is super high tech, super high security. Karen's a programmer.

Ideally I'd like to stay with a bunch of youths though. Because that gives me a bit more freedom and what not. But right now there aren't any available. So I'll just wait till Erin's flatmate moves out in April.
Anyway, on to happy stuff. I went to the Auckland Lantern Festival. It was pretty interesting I must say because the lanterns were really nice. But the food was either outrageously expensive, or I am still thinking in ringgit(RM) at this point. Everything just seemed to cost too much, especially Malaysian delicacies. Sigh, these people need to come to Malaysia.

I did feel a little sad that D or my family weren't with me to walk through the festival. It's so much nicer to enjoy because the weather is cool n breezy, compared to back home. Nobody litters too, everyone throws their rubbish into recycling bins. And it's quite romantic too.

Well I guess in due time, I'll be able to bring them around. =)

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