Friday, February 19, 2010


i always talk about magic and fairy tales
and faith and trust and pixie dust
i always dream of being in it
and hope to God that it will last

i guess i've always wanted to find someone
whose warm embrace can fly me away
whose presence touch my heart so deeply
with every word he starts to say

there are times i look at you
and realise, in my eyes, how special you are
and i smile, and stay silent to preserve the moment
and try to observe from afar

there are times i listen to you
and realise, with a little fear, how amazing you are
and i start to look at the girl in the mirror
and wonder how i can try to be your shooting star

there are times i feel your touch
and realise, with sadness, how much i need to be
standing this close to you reaching out
drawing you closer and closer to me

you're magical to me
you make me want to be
the best that i can possibly be
you make me want to shine
like the brightest star you'll ever find

you're magical to me.

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