Tuesday, February 02, 2010


November had me trying hard to focus on my final exams while the thought of home kept playing in my head. The thought of a million and one things that could happen. And the million more that I had prayed would happen. Coming home in November was the best feeling I've had since spending my summer with you last December 08 - February 09.

December had me achieving things. Things I talked about achieving, coming true. I did things, and made things happen. December was a great month.

January had me home alone in the mornings. I focused on helping mum out with the house chores. I focused on training my uncle and my friends. I focused on training myself.

Now it's February. Gosh, that was fast. 22 days left. Every inch of me wants to make the very most of it. By doing things I won't be able to for the next 9 months. Feel the company of close friends, smell the aroma of affordable local food, indulge in the luxury of home, talk to mum and dad, hang with Keith (and my big brother very soon), and most of all, be with you.

Why do I feel like time's ticking a wee bit too fast?

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