Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to nature

I've actually managed to make this trip home somewhat adventurous. It's kinda cool. I always love being outdoors. It's strange because sometimes I find myself feeling more at home sleeping between the trees than I do in my own room.

Anyway, couple of weekends ago I went to Lepoh Falls, thanks to Ijan. It was a nice retreat, a bit of hiking and a whole lot of splish splashing. I reckon you ain't sittin on a water slide till u slide down a waterfall. =)Then over this last weekend Ijan brought us to Maran, Kuantan. There, we rode on a stinky old lorry (used to carry rubber sap) into the jungle to Jerangkang Waterfalls. We spent a night camping just by the falls. It was quite therapeutic.

There's something awesome about staring into the campfire. Amidst all the raging red orange heat, I seem to find myself hypnotised by the beauty of the dancing flames. I know, I'm so Pocahontas, aye?
Waterfalls are awesome. Camping is awesomer. But what completes the equation to make it perfect is actually the right company. And for these 2 trips in particular, Stevo was definitely the bright crazy sunshine to the rain clouds which drenched us that night. =)

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