Wednesday, January 13, 2010

random thoughts

I wonder what goes through his head when he decides to propose to his girlfriend at such a young age. I wonder what goes through hers when she says yes.

I wonder why men started wearing cardigans.

I wonder if I should spend RM28 on facial, RM45 to replace the batteries of my brand new polar HR monitor, or RM10 on a New Balance loyalty card.

I wonder whether I am actually living my holidays back here to the fullest.

I wonder what made me fall asleep during the movie Avatar. I honestly enjoyed it.

I wonder why people do not like using their real names on Facebook. I mean, its a social networking website, what good would it be if people can't even find you or don't know you're you.

I wonder if pregnancies really occur that easily, or are people really silly enough to have unprotected sex.

I wonder how heavy is the heaviest pot in my front porch and whether I should use that as a weight for squats.

I wonder if the lady on Biggest Loser Asia is just crying crocodile tears so she can have an excuse to ask Dave Nuku for hugs.

I wonder how hugging Dave Nuku is. heh.

I wonder how life after Auckland would be like for me and whether you'll be in my life then.


Li-Ann said...

"I wonder whether I am actually living my holidays back here to the fullest."

I used to have a love-hate relationship with long holidays - because its such a huge 3 month break, and the only thing i could do is sit at home because all my friends were working etc.

I'm always wishing I could fly back to Malaysia for constant short sips against homesickness but long holidays are when I really feel *home* though. doing the daily boring stuff...ohh i loved it.

Mei Ling said...

yeah... i've become such a homebody everytime i go back and all my friends are always puzzled but i suppose it takes living away from home to fully appreciate how nice it is to be at home doing daily stuff with family. oh well.

and yes. people are silly enough to have unprotected sex thinking "it'll never happen to me". and then the miracle of life happens :p

galnexdor said...

liann: well, on one hand i just want to do nothing as well, seeing how i don't want time to go by so quickly. but on the other hand i want to do as many things as possible, because in NZ i have plenty of time to do nothing. last year around this time, i started stressing already because it's almost time to fly back and i haven't felt like i've done enough.

mei: haha yeahhh well, i'd still rather go out. hehe. :P