Monday, January 04, 2010

emo caller

I'm sitting at my desk, going through photos on Facebook, as you do, listening to the radio, which i do very often now coz i'm sick of my playlist.

A caller calls in to the station and here's my best reiteration of the story.
girl: hello! Happy new year!
djs: hello! Happy new year, so how are you tonight?
girl: actually i'm really
emo tonight and i just need someone to talk to
djs: ok why are you
emo? come. let us know.
girl: because today is the first day of school, and you know la, it's new, and i don't know what's coming, and i got put into a class where i'm alone, i don't know anyone, and none of my friends are with me....haih...i hate new years.
*suppresses laughter* aww...well, don't worry, come on, i'm sure you will make new friends and all..
girl: yea, i know, but it's like you don't know what's coming, and i miss 2009..

-whole lot of other lame stuff-
girl: anyway, it's really nice to be able to get through tonight because it's been so long since i last called you guys. thanks!

Now, i found that weird. i guess there really are lonely people out there who calls into radio stations for company. And i can't believe they aired that conversation.

strange indeed.

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Tisha said...

Heya Karen!!

This post soo reminds me of this episode from Frasier

This might give some relevance ;)