Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm a marathon runner. I'm an endurance athlete. Perseverance is my key strength. It should be anyway.

There are a lot of things I persevere in.

Like the fact that I am going to get my Sport Science degree, by hook or by crook. Even if it means surviving another long lonely year, and another half year after that.

Like the fact that I carry on running when my toes hurt, when i twisted my ankle and when my stomach was flipping up and down. (With the help of other runners around)

Like the fact that I relentlessly went to work on cold winter days, even if it meant walking in the rain.

Like the fact that I finished both Da Vinci and Angels & Demons even though they were the 2 most boring books I've ever read.

There are a lot of things, though, I fail to persevere in. Studying the hardest I can, being one of them. But let's not go into detail. =)

Basically, I persevere. When there's uneven ground, I allow myself to fall down, cry, and take a deep long breath. And then I get up once again and persevere.

I don't give up if it's something I really want. So don't try to make me.

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