Monday, September 07, 2009

with Weng Lum and Anne

With Weng Lum and Anne over in the past 7 days, life fast forwarded 3x its regular pace. It was fun. There were a few setbacks which were really untimely, and possibly because I've been moody and grumpy for a while now, hence attracting some negative energy, but on the whole I'd say there were definitely many many many more high points than low points. Which is good. Considering I am trying desperately to shift my focus.
my extremely successful Merdeka Day night at my place

Sitting on the flying fox at Cornwall Park

I am, until now, still laughing silently to myself about the silliest words (English, Malay, Maori, Chinese) which were thrown around by Navin, Hanizah and Weng. times.

I spent heaps of cash but it was well worth it. Weng Lum and his DSLR and his silly nonsensical chatter with Navin and Hanizah and the great blue sunny skies and the awesome new sights...that's what I call a holiday. Friends, fun, sun.I've got so many photos I don't know which to publish. I can't even decide which photo to use as my Facebook and MSN profile pictures. HAHA! I think imma gonna alternate them for a few weeks. Just because I can. =)

As I did the day Julie left, I am sitting here wondering what to do with myself today, feeling a little lonely, and wishing that Weng Lum and Anne didn't leave. I have a couple of assignments and readings to finish before school starts again, but I can't bring myself to do them. Not right now anyway. Will get to them soon enough.

On other things. I'm fine. I think. well, not really. I think I almost broke down that day karaokeing with the guys. But i recovered.

I can't help it. It's possibly the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. I think I finally understand the many other incidents in the past where I had to console a friend with a broken heart. No amount of "there there, it's ok" will ever make things okay. And neither would "Come on, be strong, I know you are" make me feel any better. Honestly. I can only heal with time. And chocolate.

Except that I've decided to not spend a dime for 2 weeks to recover from the wallet burn in the past couple of weeks. So I'm doing it without chocolate this time.



valeriechuan said...

oh movenpick icecreammmm..YumMmMMm..... No ben & jerry?...lalalalala...

u ar...u think lar think some more...later grow white hairr become Karen Por Por :P

better go finsih up your school work...dont procrastinate..

what is meant to be yours it will be yours no matter till then...enjoyyy...weeeee =)

..melanie.. said...

i dedicate pat benatar's love is a battlefield to you - we should SO TOTALLY get together and groove out to those dance steps. here, i've also included the link on youtube for your convenience:

and sorry about the SO TOTALLY on top; my inner hannah montana-ness got the better of me HAHA!

galnexdor said... jordin sparks was just doing a cover? hahah i didnt know that...

yes yes...perhaps this time if u ajak me clubbing i will consider...=)

Jayson Yong said...

im just gonna give u a big virtual hug... *HUGGGGGGGSSSSS* =)

come back soon and we shall yum char all the way with grace lol =D