Thursday, September 03, 2009


I think, I'm not as strong as I'd like myself to be. I think that when I see an uphill while running, I increase speed and pummel on and I go "Huh, I'm pretty tough". But when Life throws me an uphill test, I panic and wish with all my might that I can turn around and run the opposite direction. Or in this case, in the direction of home.

Life has been quite a test this past week or so. And I think I have found out roughly where I stand on the toughness scale...i.e...not very high up.

But I believe that with every test thrown my way, I do come out a little stronger. I progress slowly, but surely.

But after all that's said and done, a large chunk of me just can't wait to be home right now. And surprise, you're still the reason.

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Mei Ling said...

hi dearie.. i know how that feels.. it WILL get better with time.. *hugs*
take care