Sunday, September 27, 2009

I did something quite spontaneous and brave (in my humble opinion) yesterday. I signed myself up for a bouldering competition. Yes, I did. Zhi had asked me if i wanted to take part in it because there was a beginner's category and there were spot prizes to be won. So I, with my 3 month work experience in Camp 5, 1 Utama, 4 year Outward Bound School Course Assistant experience, and the random, occasional try-to-impress-my-friends-and-score-some-points-with-those-boys-at-the-gym trips to Summit Rock Climbing gym, went ahead and entered myself in the bouldering competition. Nevermind the fact that I have absolutely no skill, no upper body strength, and my worst event in rock climbing is in fact bouldering (I honestly don't suck thaaat badly in top-rope i promise).

But having said that, I opened up my eyes to the world of rock climbers, and some of them were real eye openers, if u know what i mean ;). I had a good time. I woke up this morning, my arms weighing like bricks though, but it was good fun. I completed 2 "problems" out of maybe 25, but i'm getting there. =)

There's round 2 and 3. And I might be able to train up for those 2. Maybe complete 3-4 the next time.

Ah...chin i come baby!

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valeriechuan said...

cool! climb more climb more :)